replica Rolex SubmarinerA watch is a good accessory to compliment your outfit and your look. If you wear a watchband that fits properly, then a watch will probably be a perfect accessory. A man should never wear his wristwatch loose around his wrist. It should move about an inch up and down your wrist as you move. The face of the watch should not slip to the side of your wrist. A wristwatch should not be worn too tightly. If the watch leaves an imprint on your wrist, it is too tight and should be loosened; Women's watches may be worn snugly, or loose around the wrist like a bracelet. It may be necessary to adjust band as needed, to accommodate natural fluctuations in wrist size. Remember that a watch should appear comfortable, natural, and certainly not sloppy. What’s more, try to match your watch band to your shoes and belt. This makes your entire look more coordinated and sophisticated. If you are wearing leather band Watch, try to match the leather material with your accessories like wallets or your shoes.

Though nowadays it is accepted to wear a watch however and whenever you like, there are some guidelines for those who aren’t sure about their fashion sense. If you wear a suit, a watch is a perfect accessory. For example, a replica Rolex Submariner will complement even the classiest suit you could wear. A watch will add style, grace, class and elegance to your outfit. Concerning your suit, when standing up, your shirt sleeves should cover your watch, but your watch should be visible when you are moving your arms about. If your watch is visible when your hands are at your sides, you need to find a shirt that fits you properly.